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The Surfski Shack has teamed up with SUP Tours Malta to provide the  best SUP experience possible.

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Ernest Vella & Clayton Bonnici started stand up paddling over 10 years ago and were among the first few people practising the sport in Malta. Since then, stand up paddling has become one of the fastest growing watersports worldwide, and also on our islands. 

Stand up paddling or SUP, basically involves standing in the middle of a board and using a paddle to propel yourself through the water. SUP allows you to take in the amazing views along our coastline while paddling at your own pace, offering a great workout for your body and mind. It’s great for your core and upper body strength, and burns loads of calories.

The beauty of stand up paddling also lies in the versatility of the sport. Once one manages to get a good balance on the board, they can either paddle for leisure and explore our amazing coastline, surf small to medium size waves, practice long distance paddling, participate in downwind paddles, and even use the stand up paddle board to practice yoga.

Learning to stand up paddle is not hard, but one must learn the best techniques to paddle efficiently and avoid injuries. One must also be familiar with the safety aspects of the sport especially when it comes to handling windy conditions which can be quite common on our islands.

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